How to Prepare Your Slideshow

Printed Photos

Select your photos and organise them into the correct sequence if possible placing a sequential number on the back of each photo. Write the photo number on the back (in pencil, careful not to press too hard to avoid damage ), or write it on a post-it-note and attach it to the back of the photo.

If there are any enhancements or alterations you would like us to make to your photos please let us know. This is an extra cost not included in the slideshow pricing.

* Please ensure photos are packaged appropriately to avoid damage or loss. We can not be responsible for damaged or lost photos during shipment if they are insufficiently packaged.

Digital Photos

Only send or provide copies of digital photos. When copying the digital photos to a CD or USB drive ensure the file name reflects the photo number e.g. 44.jpg. This is the number you would like it to appear in the slideshow. Digital photos can also be emailed to us.


On the order form please write the negative numbers in the Additional Information section in the order you would like them displayed in the slideshow.


Write the slide number on a post-it-note and attach it to the slide frame.


You can supply the music to us on CD or USB drive, as an MP3 file or the music can be emailed to us. If you are not able to supply the music we can purchase the music via an online music store on your behalf. There is a cost if we have to purchase the music on your behalf. See our Pricing for the details.

Music must be provided in the order it is to appear in the slideshow. Please include on your order form if you would like certain songs to commence when a certain photo appears.

*For Personalised Slideshows only, include on your order form if you would like the music to commence at a certain part such as the chorus. To avoid additional costs please include where in the song you would like the song to commence such as the time or words.

Playback Format

We can present your slideshow on a DVD or USB drive. If your party or special occasion is to be held at a venue please check with them what equipment they have to play your slideshow. If it is a DVD player then a DVD will work. If it is a computer then a DVD or USB drive will work. The venue may have a preference for a USB drive . The file format for DVD is VOB and AVI for USB drive.

Complete the Order Form

Please read our Terms and Conditions before completing the Order Form.

Complete the appropriate order form and either submit the order online or print the order form and send the order form along with your photos, music and other items by Registered Post to us.

Package your Items

Once your order has been received an address will be provided where your slideshow items can be posted.

Or if you prefer to drop your items off please contact us on 0407 639 883 to arrange a time.

Please provide adequate packing material and protection for your photos etc to avoid damage during posting!

We will handle your photos and other items with the utmost care and consideration, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs during the transportation of your materials to us. PLEASE be very diligent in properly packing your order! We suggest that you send your package to us by Registered Post. We will do the same when sending everything back to you.

We will email you once your items have been received.

Method of Payment

A 15% deposit must be received before work can commence on your Slideshow. Payment can be made by Cash, Direct Credit or Credit Card (3% Surcharge applies). If placing an order online - details of payment will be shown on the Order Confirmation that you will receive once your order has been submitted. If not placing your order online we will forward an invoice to you once your printed order for m has been received.

Once your slideshow has been completed we will email you your personal web page link to view your slideshow. This will provide you the opportunity to make changes to your slideshow if necessary before it is burnt to disc.

When you have approved the slideshow we will send you a final invoice requesting payment for the outstanding amount. Your order will then be shipped within 2-3 business days after payment has been received.

Your Slideshow will then be sent registered post to you along with all your original items.

If you have any other questions...

You can contact us by email or phone.